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Democrats control the Senate after 2022 Election

Democrats control the Senate after 2022 Election


This is a market on which party will be elected to control the Senate at the start of the 118th Congress on 1/3/2023.

Because this has an early deadline and in order to minimize any randomness about unforeseen circumstances, this market will be based on both the sitting senators at the end of that day as well as any elected but not yet seated senators.

Decision Logic

Yes=Democrat, No=Republican.
If someone is elected with a party affiliation but for some reason is not seated after 1/3, they will still count for that party for purposes of this market.

If there is litigation for any seats that is still being contested after 1/3/23 that prohibits an elected Senator from being seated, but that Senator has been called as the winner by at least 2/3 of CNN, FOX, or AP, that person will be considered the winner. A seat with no clear winner called by at least 2/3 of those will be considered empty.

Independents will count as a member of the party they choose to caucus with.

Any tie will go to the party of the sitting Vice President.

CLOSING IN2022-08-14 06:55:00

10:49PM, Aug 13, 2021 UTC

6:55AM, Aug 14, 2022 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 4, 2023 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:46PM, Jan 9, 2023 UTC

Total Volume: 0.5215

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.52150007 was split between 8 bettors.
# of Bets:8
# of Bets:24


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curatesg 7:09AM, Feb 1, 2023 UTC
Porky 3:12AM, Nov 10, 2022 UTC
I take comfort in knowing that I'm only losing $16 instead of the $20 I bet a few months ago, or the $69 it would have been at peak.
MAGAbro 11:31AM, Jun 15, 2022 UTC
Odds indeed look very high here for the Dems.
planetnine 9:03PM, May 7, 2022 UTC
Fixed Odds here:
Trev625 4:04AM, Apr 15, 2022 UTC
Dumpin 6k yolo
MrnobodylifeA 6:01AM, Jan 20, 2022 UTC
Do you think bitcoin will be below 38K before 31st Jan 2022 just placed the bet -

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