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French 2017 presidential elections

French 2017 presidential elections


This bet is about the winner of the 2017 French presidential election. Who will he or she be?

Decision Logic

The winner will be announced once counting will be over, on Monday May 8th 2017, the day following the second round of voting which takes place on Sunday May 7th 2017. In the unlikely event that President François Hollande isn't able to finish his term and the election takes place at another date, the bets will refunded.

CLOSING IN2017-05-07 14:00:00

1:20PM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC

2:00PM, May 7, 2017 UTC

10:00AM, May 8, 2017 UTC

2.690xCurrent Time-Weight Multiplier

Total Volume: 32.41

François Hollande
Volume: 0.050
# of Bets: 9

*assumes current weight and volumes

Alain Juppé
Volume: 0.697
# of Bets: 19

*assumes current weight and volumes

Nicolas Sarkozy
Volume: 0.045
# of Bets: 8

*assumes current weight and volumes

Marine Le Pen
Volume: 11.63
# of Bets: 69

*assumes current weight and volumes

Volume: 19.98
# of Bets: 48

*assumes current weight and volumes


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tariqkhoso 5:29PM, Apr 18, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson thanks for letting me know but it's too late i guess.
piracetam 6:35AM, Apr 18, 2017 UTC
I is a idiot
BenCarson 10:47PM, Apr 12, 2017 UTC
@tariqkhoso, you placed a 0.07BTC bet for a 0.11105925 payout that le pen will win. if you want a 0.14 payout instead, place a bet here:
BenCarson 10:41PM, Apr 12, 2017 UTC
If you're betting on Marine Le Pen in this market, you're getting at best 48% ROI. If you want to make 100% ROI, bet in this market instead:
BenCarson 7:37PM, Apr 5, 2017 UTC
@sirlanka fair point. my bad
sirlanka 6:35PM, Apr 5, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson why do you feel the need to educate them?
praine 6:18PM, Apr 5, 2017 UTC
Lol. To each his own.
BenCarson 3:38PM, Apr 5, 2017 UTC
.... who is buying Sarkozy, Hollande, and Juppe? none of them are even running
praine 6:12PM, Mar 23, 2017 UTC
Under 1 month until the second round! Remember, if you want to bet against Marine Le Pen, use the fixed odds link below.
BenCarson 5:03PM, Mar 23, 2017 UTC
@piracetam — Sarkozy isn't running
BenCarson 9:44PM, Mar 21, 2017 UTC
@demoguy best of luck to you!
demoguy 9:05PM, Mar 21, 2017 UTC
Lol well when I didn't see them listed in the polls I was wondering. Besides there's a few weeks for him to change his mind. Hahaha @BenCarson
BenCarson 8:49PM, Mar 21, 2017 UTC
lmao @demoguy Hollande isn't even running
praine 2:48AM, Mar 15, 2017 UTC
In the link posted below you will find fixed odds on whether or not Marine Le Pen will win the French Elections. Currently, betting "No" pays 1.33x which is far superior to the "Autre" odds here.
BenCarson 11:47PM, Mar 11, 2017 UTC
lewren 1:23PM, Mar 11, 2017 UTC
Wonder if people are going to be as wrong betting on Autre as they were about Hillary... Probably
asmodat 11:51PM, Feb 17, 2017 UTC
@praine it is pointless because Marine Le Pen will win like donald trump won (if nothing happens to her in the meantime). And if she loses then bitcoin will go ape**** crazy because terrorists will obliterate France so not being at all is a way better option anyway - and we know it because in uncertain times deflationary commodities are always going UP to the moon.
praine 9:51PM, Feb 8, 2017 UTC
@garbagebaby Get it while the gettin's good, as they say. When she is head to head against Macron, I'm sure the odds will decrease quite a bit.
garbagebaby 9:30PM, Feb 8, 2017 UTC
So tempted to put a 2 or 3 btc on Marine just to try to pull off another Trump win.... but I'm less confident here. I need a French girlfriend to tell me what to bet on.

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