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NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump will become president in 2017

NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump will become president in 2017


Resolves TRUE if NEITHER becomes president in January 2017

Decision Logic

Resolves TRUE if NEITHER becomes president in January 2017,
Resolves FALSE if EITHER becomes president in January 2017

CLOSING IN2017-01-22 18:00:00

2:59PM, Jul 9, 2016 UTC

6:00PM, Jan 22, 2017 UTC

2:19AM, Jan 24, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 4:59AM, Jan 24, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 6.717

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "FALSE"

6.71683262 was split between 29 bettors.
# of Bets:13
# of Bets:29


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999silver 5:49AM, Jan 24, 2017 UTC
Sorry for the delay, folks. It took several days to get a resolve link. Thank you for playing. 2017-01-24 12:50:41.50
999silver 6:35AM, Jan 23, 2017 UTC
I can't find the link. I sent feedback two days ago.
kolotoure77294 2:59AM, Jan 23, 2017 UTC
@Avalon @BetMoose settle this please
999silver 6:17AM, Aug 23, 2016 UTC
I can comment on this bet. The title says exactly what's intended. You can perhaps imagine some scenarios. [I can} A. Hillary goes to jail and Trump has a tragic accident B. Elections are postponed / called of C. Someone sets off a very serious device, maybe in Chicago, which gets blamed on: Take your pick Any of which will matter to the future of America but not at all to this bet. Resolves TRUE if NEITHER becomes president in January 2017
Maniac44 5:00AM, Aug 23, 2016 UTC
I need a quick overview on how this all works. Can I get a rundown from one of you? Is there a link to learn? What about Trump dropping out by the weekend? Anyway, I'd like to know how to play and create some bets.
999silver 7:33AM, Jul 23, 2016 UTC
good observation, kolotoure77294
kolotoure77294 7:35PM, Jul 21, 2016 UTC
@Bronco42 also time weighed Parimutuel bets can become overly skewed when the odds don't change drastically over time. In some cases, when a proposition has become too skewed to the point where new bets are not encouraged it is prudent to allow a new proposition. Yes the point of time weighed parimutuel is to give an benefit to early to bettors BUT not to the point of exploitation of the late bettors. This is not the case with this prop, but absolutely was with Brexit.
kolotoure77294 7:24PM, Jul 21, 2016 UTC
@Bronco42 The other bet similar to this has generated 0.064 btc of volume. This one has generated over 50x the volume in less time. It's similar but the resolving logic is different (win election in Nov vs sworn in as president in Jan), this bet will be settled 2 months after the similar one.
Bronco42 6:56PM, Jul 19, 2016 UTC
That's a terrible technicality, but the mods don't care. They've allowed duplicate bets because the original gave an advantage to earlier betters. You know, like the whole point of parimutuel bets
999silver 6:26AM, Jul 13, 2016 UTC
yeah, dies or "gets died"
kolotoure77294 8:56PM, Jul 11, 2016 UTC
There are also rumours Trump wants to win the election then instantly resign/quit in a kind of walk-off victory.
kolotoure77294 8:53PM, Jul 11, 2016 UTC
@praine it's different, but not by much. There are situations where either could win the election but not "become" president in Jan '17. For example, if Hillary/Trump win the election but the inauguration is delayed until February for some reason. Or Hillary wins the election and Obama resigns in Nov/Dec and Hillary is inaugurated early. There is also a small chance either one wins the election but dies or becomes too ill to take office before they are inaugurated in Jan.
praine 3:28PM, Jul 9, 2016 UTC
I'll play, but I'm honestly confused how this is any different from the bet I created. If Trump or Hillary wins the election (thereby being president in Jan 2017) this bet resolves as false, correct?

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