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There will be more Yes than No volume on this bet

There will be more Yes than No volume on this bet


After the highest volume bet in private beta, here's version 2.0!
Are you a Yes Man (or Woman)? Find out by betting on the behaviour of others in this bet! Game theory fans and people who love doing a lot of bets will be thrilled by this nice self-referencial bet.

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Decision Logic

If there is more betting volume on YES votes (BET AMOUNT, not weights or number of bets!) than NO votes on this bet, it will be ruled that YES wins.
In case there is more NO volume than YES volume, NO wins.
In case the volumes of YES and NO are exactly the same, TIE wins.

Please be aware that the outcome of this bet can be changed by other participants' bets up to the last minute and you'll influence the outcome by betting too!

CLOSING IN2014-06-30 16:00:00

9:18AM, Jun 9, 2014 UTC

4:00PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

4:30PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:33PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1001

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.10012121 was split between 12 bettors.
# of Bets:12
# of Bets:2
# of Bets:1


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Alaric 10:40PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
I expect it was forgotten about due to the low value and lack of bets near the end, I would have flipped it myself if I had more coins sitting around. Will look forward to the next iteration.
Avalon 4:44PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
Lol this was a very interesting result - I was very much expecting someone to jump in on the No side. Also Sukrim; I saw your other comment - yes we will be cancelling duplicates with the same time-frame going forward.
Sukrim 9:52PM, Jun 28, 2014 UTC
Hm, no whale games so far? With just ~0.1 BTC you can nearly double your returns! ;-)
DJTaylorBrown 3:02PM, Jun 12, 2014 UTC
I agree with Alaric, honestly the biggest appeal to the other one was the short betting. Meant I didn't have bitcoins tied down for 19 days.
Sukrim 2:58PM, Jun 11, 2014 UTC
Well, you sacrifice possible time bonuses by not betting small (or even large) early, I doubt that the only useful strategy are late bets.
Alaric 5:02PM, Jun 9, 2014 UTC
The timeline needs to be way shorter for these otherwise most of us will probably be waiting 19 days before doing anything. ;) You should see if you can get it adjusted. Also nice addition of the tie category, hehe.

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