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Unified Korea by 2020

Unified Korea by 2020


An official public announcement from the highest levels of government of both North and South Korea to be made on reunifying the two Koreas before January 1st 2020 (Korean time).

Decision Logic

Source Korean Times.

CLOSING IN2019-03-06 00:00:00

3:51PM, Mar 6, 2018 UTC

12:00AM, Mar 6, 2019 UTC

12:00AM, Jan 1, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:10PM, Jan 3, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0583

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.05834616 was split between 18 bettors.
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# of Bets:18


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BenCarson 5:54AM, Jan 2, 2020 UTC
@Avalon @BetMoose @caftrader please resolve (as No)
Avalon 10:20PM, Mar 14, 2018 UTC
@protus @BenCarson he injected the date in the POST of the bet submission form (most likely), which is a known issue but we haven't bothered fixing because we want hosts to realize not many users will care to bet on events 2+ years in the future.
caftrader 12:19PM, Mar 8, 2018 UTC
I entered the date manually. For me the point of the bet is 2020. I didnt want to wait and also I dont think I can expect PRK to get its act together to suit the devs at Bet Moose Beta
protus 4:57PM, Mar 6, 2018 UTC
@Avalon @BenCarson , I too would like to know how the outcome date is more than a year away? Avalon, is this a new feature?
BenCarson 4:10PM, Mar 6, 2018 UTC
How did you manage to have the outcome date be almost two years away?

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