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What will happen to Sony's film "THE INTERVIEW"?

What will happen to Sony's film "THE INTERVIEW"?


After Sony pulled the 12/25 release of the movie THE INTERVIEW, Americans have been calling for the release of the movie online via Crackle or other free way. This bet ends 2/1/15 and has only 3 options. Will it be released free, or online in some way, even if requiring donation or small price before 2/1/15? Will it be released in theaters prior to 2/1/15? Or come 2/1/15 will the movie remain unreleased?

Decision Logic

It will have to come from a major news source showing one of the above options TAKING PLACE prior to 2/1/15. If that day arrives and the movie has not been released online or in theaters yet, the last option will win.

3:15PM, Dec 19, 2014 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 16, 2015 UTC

6:00AM, Feb 2, 2015 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: More than 1 option has come out to be true.

Released Online before 2/1
# of Bets:0
Release In Theaters before 2/1
# of Bets:0
Still Unreleased on 2/1
# of Bets:0


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Avalon 3:27AM, Dec 27, 2014 UTC
Both options 1 and 2 have come out to be true, this bet is void.
hinglemc 5:48PM, Dec 26, 2014 UTC
this wager was so poorly worded that outcomes 1 and 2 could Both occur. and have occurred. so now everyone just gets their wager back(?)
Napalm 3:39PM, Dec 25, 2014 UTC
I'm voting with the assumption that if it releases both online AND in theaters, then both options will win, because both would have taken place.
ikeboy 5:34PM, Dec 23, 2014 UTC

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