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Will Bernie Sanders Drop Out Before the Convention?

Will Bernie Sanders Drop Out Before the Convention?


With Hillary creaming Bernie in the primaries will he just decide to throw in the towel and give up the goat? Or will he stick it out to the end knowing full well that it would take a miracle for him to become nominated.

Decision Logic

If Bernie Sanders exits the race for the office of president of the United States before the Democratic National Convention on July 25 2016 this contract will resolve to "Yes". If he is still in the running as of July 25th 2016 this contract will resolve to "No"

CLOSING IN2016-07-12 18:00:00

1:01PM, Apr 27, 2016 UTC

6:00PM, Jul 12, 2016 UTC

1:07PM, Jul 13, 2016 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 11:33PM, Jul 13, 2016 UTC

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This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

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jagsbeach 12:12PM, Aug 1, 2016 UTC
Wait, what? This is a YES. He clearly dropped out. If you are looking for something formal he lost Secret Service protection JUL12.
jagsbeach 12:09PM, Aug 1, 2016 UTC
"This bet has been forwarded to our moderators and will be resolved soon!" been soon for a while now.
WBuffett 5:27AM, Aug 1, 2016 UTC
Before the convention he was coordinating with the Clinton campaign on how to unite the party behind her during the convention. That doesn't seem like actively running for president. The entire convention was choreographed to unite the party beginning with Sanders calling to suspend the procedural rules and for Clinton to be selected as the nominee during the roll call. That seems like a man that has "thrown in the towel."
Avalon 1:06PM, Jul 29, 2016 UTC
Seems pretty clear that he was indeed still running before the convention, though he now did drop out running for president. We're thinking it's either a cancel (due to inconsistent logic), or a No as he did not drop out and that was the intention of this bet.
Nolyism 5:49AM, Jul 28, 2016 UTC
so um well **** really thought this would be much more black and white than it has turned out to be.
Nolyism 1:12PM, Jul 26, 2016 UTC
he is openly supporting Hillary at the convention if that is not dropping out of the race I dont know what is. I do believe that the delegates are still voting between him or her on the ballots so that would still be him running at the convention. I cant have yet another one of my bets get cancelled due to technicalities this is very frustrating.
WBuffett 12:49AM, Jul 26, 2016 UTC
Avalon 1:39AM, Jul 15, 2016 UTC
Outcome pending.
WBuffett 5:22PM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC
Nolyism 10:32AM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC
I concede the technicality
Nolyism 10:30AM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC
was claimed so I felt I had to make a call one way or the other and after reading articles for over an hour or so the general consensus was that his campaign was effective over. in the future I guess well have to say weather or not their campaign is "officially" ended but rather if they endorse their opponent.
Nolyism 10:27AM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC This is what I based my decision on in past elections when a candidate endorses their opponent it has meant that they have ended their campaign. this is also why I originally set the betting outcome date to the actual convention but an early outcome
Nolyism 10:21AM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC
well ****ing great
micro123 7:19AM, Jul 14, 2016 UTC
Outcome is incorrect, Sanders has not formally dropped out or ended his campaign. Source: "That doesn’t mean, however, that he is ready to formally exit the race. According to a campaign spokesman, Sanders remains a presidential candidate and is not dropping out of the race following his endorsement of Clinton." Source 2: "The senator has not formally ended his campaign"
Nolyism 11:35PM, Jul 13, 2016 UTC
congratulations to those that believed he wouldn't see it to the end :)
kolotoure77294 11:40AM, Jul 13, 2016 UTC
Sanders has endorsed Hillary. Bernie Sanders Endorses Ex-Rival Hillary Clinton, Ending Democratic Primary Campaign:

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