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Will Bitcoin be over $600 by the end of June?

Will Bitcoin be over $600 by the end of June?


Yes: Bitcoin will trade over $600 by the end of June
No : Bitcoin will trade under $600 by the end of June

Decision Logic

CLOSING IN2014-06-30 22:55:00

10:00AM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC

10:55PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

11:30PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:37AM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 1.325

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

1.32500301 was split between 27 bettors.
# of Bets:27
# of Bets:11


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freedom 4:53AM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
User needs to log in has a 19 hour margin left so should be ready by tommorrow
lay785 12:54AM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
whats taking so long for this host to resolve the bet...
lay785 11:33PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
The "yes man" people win!
freedom 10:10PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
If it does crash because of Silk Road I will facepalm ^_^ watches clock closely just in case I have to switch to the dark side haha
NotSatoshi 6:50PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
Remember folks, we still have 4 hours. It can still crash :P
Avalon 5:08PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
coinmarketcap is really just bitcoinaverage (which has historical data), so yes we can verify afterwards. The title reads 'above' 600, which means ==600.00 USD is 'No'.
Sukrim 4:54PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
Decide: Yes Verify: No The 1 BTC = 600.00 USD case is also not covered.
Avalon 4:45PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
@Sukrim - Mods look at title + decision logic. This bet has enough information about it within those 2 fields to decide.
Sukrim 4:41PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
The "Decision logic" is just a link to a page that seems to get its data from ( and that offers no historic data on its own. How will this be verified/contested later, since screenshots can be easily faked?
Avalon 2:47PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
This is why we have time multipliers ;)
lay785 8:32AM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
lolol we can bet after result has basically been revealed unless some crazy crash happens...
piramida 8:12AM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
in the future, please close the bidding at least one week in advance, pretty silly that you can bet up until the second when outcome is known...
Avalon 5:53AM, Jun 29, 2014 UTC
Outcome time is set to 7:30pm EST June 30, 2014. The prevailing price of that time should be used. Please take a snapshot of coinmarketcap if you're in this bet (or provide a historical source in case of any misjudgments)
chakudaku 2:19AM, Jun 29, 2014 UTC
So mr notsatoshi, do you agree to use 7:30 pm EST as the resolve time ?
NotSatoshi 3:57PM, Jun 28, 2014 UTC
This is getting interesting!
InflatableOrc 10:22PM, Jun 23, 2014 UTC
The outcome time is set to whatever the time is under the red dot - that's the one the host should be using. (it's set to 7:30pm on June 30th by my time).
piramida 7:01PM, Jun 23, 2014 UTC
any specific time? end of June is a pretty wide window for a price that sits around $600...
Avalon 2:57PM, Jun 22, 2014 UTC
If it's not specified, we use the outcome time only, no early resolution.
NotSatoshi 9:10AM, Jun 22, 2014 UTC
Yes, I mean by the end of June. Does not resolve early!
betmoosejonny 8:59AM, Jun 22, 2014 UTC
I wondered about that myself.
chakudaku 4:34AM, Jun 22, 2014 UTC
It's above $600 now...Do you mean on the date 6/30/14?

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