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Will Bitcoin Hit $10,000 by August 15th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Hit $10,000 by August 15th, 2018


Will Bitcoin Hit $10,000 by August 15th, 2018

Decision Logic

Will Bitcoin Hit $10,000 by August 15th, 2018 - based on Bitstamp BTC/USD price. Will end early if price is reached. If Bitstamp price is unavailable, then Bitfinex price will be used.

CLOSING IN2017-11-28 05:00:00

8:02PM, Aug 19, 2017 UTC

5:00AM, Nov 28, 2017 UTC

7:13AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 12:05PM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 3.621

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

3.62055047 was split between 38 bettors.
# of Bets:38
# of Bets:14


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Avalon 4:31PM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
Reminder that for cryptocurrency price target bets, BetMoose typically early resolves 6-24 hours prior to the outcome (using host specification if any) occurrence to favour earlier bettors and avoid encouraging late leeches.
TrailerBoy 2:53AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
i fkin love bitcoin
pelican95 2:47AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
10005 !
TrailerBoy 2:18AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
TrailerBoy 2:17AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
9986. It's over. That was the last chance. Might as well bet all your coin NO
TrailerBoy 2:10AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
omg bitstamp's code might not be able to handle the extra digit
TrailerBoy 2:06AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
TrailerBoy 2:03AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
Is anyone willing to throw money at the rest of us!? Still time to donate with a NO bet!!
TrailerBoy 1:57AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
jagsbeach 1:46AM, Nov 29, 2017 UTC
9998.99 But there is a giant ask at 9999.00. Anyone willing to call the ceiling with a NO vote?
TrailerBoy 5:47AM, Nov 28, 2017 UTC
bluewhale 8:41AM, Nov 27, 2017 UTC
philomuse 3:22AM, Nov 21, 2017 UTC bitcoin will be over $30,000 by august
Seafra 6:42AM, Nov 12, 2017 UTC
See this bet
AForceNinja 2:19AM, Nov 7, 2017 UTC
This one should be fun
jagsbeach 2:28AM, Nov 3, 2017 UTC
boom owns the pot.

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