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Will Bitcoin hit $200,000 before Dec 2021?

Will Bitcoin hit $200,000 before Dec 2021?


Will Bitcoin hit $200,000 before Dec 31 2021? This proposition is leech protected: see decision logic for details!

Decision Logic

"YES" if the price is strictly above $200,000 at any point between now and Dec 31 2021 00:00 UTC, using the Bitstamp exchange as the point of reference.

"NO but will reach 150,000" if the price never goes above $200,000 during the time period but is strictly above $150,000 at any point of time.

"NO" if the price never goes above $150,000.

In case of Bitcoin fork and chain split "Bitcoin" is what Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report & Orange Pill Podcast declare as "Bitcoin".

If Bitstamp price is unavailable, then Kraken price will be used. Early resolution is possible.

Leech protection:
In case of YES outcome: "YES" bets within 30 days of the "YES" outcome will be refunded.

In case if NO outcome: no refunds.

CLOSING IN2021-12-01 23:55:00

7:34AM, Feb 12, 2021 UTC

11:55PM, Dec 1, 2021 UTC

12:00AM, Jan 1, 2022 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:38PM, Jan 2, 2022 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0351

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.03512138 was split between 18 bettors.
# of Bets:5
No but will reach 150,000
# of Bets:4
# of Bets:18


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augmentedether 11:29PM, Feb 19, 2021 UTC
All good brother. Leshgo !
FreedomOfTrade 12:18PM, Feb 18, 2021 UTC
Here, have another bet. I'll probably bet much more after like $100k.
FreedomOfTrade 12:16PM, Feb 18, 2021 UTC
Thanks man. Betmoose is a Canadian site and they use their own dollars too. There was some kerfuffle about it in another bet so that's why I asked.
augmentedether 4:45PM, Feb 15, 2021 UTC
This is USD as indicated by the symbol , $
FreedomOfTrade 11:57PM, Feb 12, 2021 UTC
Please specify that this is USD

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