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Will face masks be "the new normal"?

Will face masks be "the new normal"?


Skeptics believe that COVID is a hoax, and the mask mandates are just a ruse to condition the population into becoming mindlessly obedient to the government. They say that wearing masks will become "the new normal" and the mandates will never be lifted.

Others believe that the mask mandates are only in place to stop the spread of a deadly disease, and will be lifted when that disease is no longer a threat.

Regardless, will the mandates still be in place a year from now?

Decision Logic

Resolves to YES if ANY state in the US still has a universal mask mandate/ordinance in place as of April 14, 2022, according to or or

Resolves to NO if all mask mandates have been lifted.

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12:58AM, Apr 15, 2021 UTC

12:15PM, Oct 14, 2021 UTC

12:40AM, Apr 15, 2022 UTC

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f84jf85hg7g 11:17PM, May 13, 2021 UTC
@d_d So you going to take my money or not?
f84jf85hg7g 9:24PM, Apr 17, 2021 UTC
@d_d So the COVID conspiracy was actually started in 2015 by Brad Pitt? Interesting...
d_d 10:51PM, Apr 16, 2021 UTC
@f84jf85hg7g I recall some suspicious product placement in "The big short". Brad Pitt's character was wearing an unvalved respirator at his own will. He was in a sense an 'early adopter'. Valved respirators are really needed on a daily basis in places like Gwalior or Kathmandu. But It is really a mystery who is buying into the totally made up 'stopping the spread' narrative. They even somehow manage to find volunteers for vaccination.
f84jf85hg7g 2:53PM, Apr 15, 2021 UTC
@d_d Yes, because mask proponents only recommend masks because they enjoy controlling other people, right?
d_d 7:28AM, Apr 15, 2021 UTC
Proponents of mask wearing will probably try a persuasion tactic that masks protects lungs from dust in the air and can't be abandoned.

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