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Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?

Will Hillary Clinton be indicted?


Will Hillary Clinton be indicted at any point before or after the election and throughout 2017? The indictment can be for any type of charge.

Decision Logic

The bet will run until October 30, 2017. If Hillary is indicted on or before that time, then the bet will resolve as a "yes." If she is not indicted by that time the bet will resolve as "no." A reputable source like NYT, NBC, or CNN will verify. Betting deadline is Sept 1st. Outcome date is Oct. 30th. Early resolution is possible.

CLOSING IN2017-09-01 21:00:00

2:57AM, Oct 31, 2016 UTC

9:00PM, Sep 1, 2017 UTC

8:55AM, Oct 31, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 11:49AM, Oct 31, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 24.17

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

24.17220614 was split between 101 bettors.
# of Bets:30
# of Bets:101


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DarkSpaceBass 7:15AM, Oct 25, 2017 UTC
6 days remain and things are f i n a l l y heating up in the mainstream media... Will the swamp be drained in time?
BenCarson 2:44AM, Jun 23, 2017 UTC
Will someone please bet money on this?
garbagebaby 5:42PM, Apr 11, 2017 UTC
Made a new limited time Trump impeachment market if anyone is interested in betting - there's over 1.3 coins in it now!
pelican95 2:29PM, Mar 31, 2017 UTC
Which Trump advisor will be the first to resign or be fired? Choose from Bannon, Spicer, Priebus, Sessions, or None. Bet here: Also, the Senate is voting or whether or not to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS next week. Bet here:
BenCarson 2:47PM, Mar 4, 2017 UTC
Maybe Obama will be!
jpc007 9:56PM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC Indicted ?
Clutz 12:31AM, Dec 1, 2016 UTC
As the bet is written it would resolve as Yes if Hillary Clinton is indicted for anything in any jurisdiction. That would mean it would still resolve as Yes if she was indicted for adultery in Dubai, for example, so a pardon wouldn't resolve this bet anyway because she could be indicted for something else or in another jurisdiction.
topnotch 9:49AM, Nov 27, 2016 UTC
If Hillary Clinton is charged with a crime, but it's not announced as an "indictment", does the bet resolve as true?
Web 3:40PM, Nov 25, 2016 UTC
Hey guys, Trump said he won't prosecute Hillary. You should all vote "No" since its free money at this point. No need to thank me for your free money. Just make sure you vote "No" mmkay?.
protus 11:28PM, Nov 18, 2016 UTC
I should also mention that if Obama or Trump pardons Hillary it is only for FEDERAL crimes against the United States. The bet will still continue on until October, 2017 - because she is still eligible to be indicted at a state level. The President does not have power to pardon state and local crimes. The state of New York can still indict. @Avalon

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