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Will Kyle Rittenhouse Be Sent to Prison?

Will Kyle Rittenhouse Be Sent to Prison?


In a country so polarized that it can't decide if candy corn is actually good or bad, the Kyle Rittenhouse murder spree and/or self-defense freedom mashup has become yet another lightning rod for armchair legal analysts. Will the cop-worshiping maniac serve the rest of his days in prison, or will our brave hero walk free? Does it matter? No one knows. But it's a great reason to gamble.

Decision Logic

If Kyle Rittenhouse is sentenced to serve time in prison, this bet resolves as a YES. If Rittenhouse is found not guilty of all charges, sentenced to time served, or given a suspended sentence, this bet resolves as NO.

If a mistrial is declared, all bets will be refunded.

Bets must be placed before the jury begins deliberation. Later bets will be refunded. We'll use the Associated Press's report on the sentence as the official record.

CLOSING IN2021-11-16 07:25:00

6:27AM, Nov 9, 2021 UTC

7:25AM, Nov 16, 2021 UTC

6:25AM, Jan 11, 2022 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:41AM, Jan 11, 2022 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0030

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.003 was split between 1 bettors.
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# of Bets:1


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RonMexico 7:44AM, Nov 20, 2021 UTC
That's the spirit.
dantana 7:22PM, Nov 19, 2021 UTC
well congrats? i guess i can take some pleasure in knowing that $100 is now worth only $85 lol
Porky 7:02PM, Nov 10, 2021 UTC
What about a mistrial with prejudice? That's what the prosecution seems to be aiming for.

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