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Will The Hamonds Surrender To Federal police Jan4th ?

Will The Hamonds Surrender To Federal police Jan4th ?


The Hammonds are due to report to federal prison on Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, to serve additional time for their conviction for arson. Will they go? Or will there be a federal standoff?

Decision Logic

To win this bet Yes is they will turn themselves in

NO -means that Militia will keep Federal officials at bay and not go to prison on Jan 4th.
We have people on the ground in Oregon Now with the Militia. They dont want the Hammonds to surrender. But the choice is the Hammonds.

CLOSING IN2016-01-04 14:25:00

5:27PM, Jan 1, 2016 UTC

2:25PM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC

8:00AM, Jan 5, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:21AM, Jan 6, 2016 UTC

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This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

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thehumanfaucet 8:30AM, Jan 6, 2016 UTC
Congrats to all the winners. sad for the Hammonds .Refuge tense, but safe . literally Dozens of locals in and out all day.rumors from stewart rhodes about JSOC involvement . But town is active but fine.Schools closed due to FBI HRT Teams and equiptment FBI counter protest #OccupySChools. Check our other bets and updates on protest on twitter
thehumanfaucet 1:49AM, Jan 5, 2016 UTC
it also gives a clue on the possible date outcome on the next bet on #OccupyMalheur
thehumanfaucet 1:48AM, Jan 5, 2016 UTC
Sorry to say YES is the winner the Hammonds are in custody Confirmed. But Government coercion and armed takeover of burns by FBI confirmed get the facts not the lies,
thehumanfaucet 11:15PM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC
Just received word they have both Checked in at Terminal Island Prison camp. at 2pm. We will update after 4pm count to confirm it.
thehumanfaucet 7:34PM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC
waiting for confirmation now, we have info of both father and son in transit, Not in custody. So until its fact its not . we will update every 4hours max.
thehumanfaucet 5:05PM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC
Just talked to Locals and No one knws if they are coming yet. Will update as info comes in . Good luck.
thehumanfaucet 1:52AM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC
thanks guys good luck . We also have a few more up now .about #OccupyMalheur and Iran ,Saudi Arabia.Thanks
thehumanfaucet 3:53AM, Jan 3, 2016 UTC
New bet going up I just spoke with Miltia at Mehleur Refuge . Lets bet on the outcomes

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