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Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?

Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?


[ HighLowBet_#1 ]
Will the price of Bitcoin reach $4500 or $3500 first?

Decision Logic

The bet will be resolved early if the price of Bitcoin reaches $4500 or $3500 before the betting deadline.

If the price of Bitcoin does NOT reach $4500 or $3500 before the betting deadline then the bet will be cancelled and funds returned.

[3] will be used to verify the price of Bitcoin for the outcome.

Have fun!

CLOSING IN2018-12-06 23:00:00

6:45AM, Dec 3, 2018 UTC

11:00PM, Dec 6, 2018 UTC

11:08PM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 12:26AM, Dec 8, 2018 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0252

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "$3500"

0.02517172 was split between 8 bettors.
# of Bets:4
# of Bets:8


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HighLowBet 9:12AM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC
[ HighLowBet_#1 ] This bet has been resolved. The outcome was "$3500". Congratulations to all winners! The BetMoose moderators have been notified and payments will be issued as soon as possible.
HighLowBet 2:27AM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC
Indeed. Official announcement will be made (and tweeted) in the morning. Well done all.
praine 12:54AM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC
Sorry, that was my local time-zone. 00:09 UTC on Dec 7th
praine 12:51AM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC If you look at the 1D chart, this happened at 16:09 UTC. All bets are valid at this point.
d_d 12:49AM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC
low target reached.
HighLowBet 8:13PM, Dec 6, 2018 UTC
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HighLowBet 1:22PM, Dec 4, 2018 UTC
Fare thee well, fellow combatants. Let the battle commence ;)

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