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Will the Supreme Court strike down ME/CO bans on Trump?

Will the Supreme Court strike down ME/CO bans on Trump?


Maine and Colorado have both banned Trump from appearing on their presidential ballots for 2024, operating under the theory that the 14th Amendment can be used to ban him due to the January 6th protests. Several states are still hearing cases attempting to add them to the list. Will the Supreme Court strike down these bans and block states from blocking Trump from the ballot?

Decision Logic

YES - the Supreme Court of the US strikes down the states' attempts to prevent Trump from appearing on their ballots.

NO - the Supreme Court of the US allows the bans in Maine, Colorado, and possibly more states to block Trump from their ballots.

This bet may resolve early and almost certainly will, since the decision pretty much has to happen prior to the dates of any primaries in such states.

Anti-leech provision: all bets must be made at least one day prior to the day that the Supreme Court hears oral arguments. If no oral arguments are made, all bets must be made at least one day prior to the date that the Supreme Court releases its decision. Bets made after either of these events shall be voided and refunded.

CLOSING IN2024-03-03 05:00:00

11:24PM, Jan 2, 2024 UTC

5:00AM, Mar 3, 2024 UTC

3:08PM, Mar 19, 2024 UTC

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RESOLVED AT 9:07PM, Mar 19, 2024 UTC

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Porky 6:10PM, Mar 5, 2024 UTC
Whoever submitted the 3:01pm March 4th bet, you're a leech, the outcome was already known at 10am Eastern time (9am site time I think, pretty sure I logged on right away).
Porky 3:11PM, Mar 4, 2024 UTC
Just to be clear, "YES" wins.
Porky 3:10PM, Mar 4, 2024 UTC
Struck down. :-)
Porky 1:21AM, Jan 11, 2024 UTC
FYI, oral arguments are scheduled for February 8th 2024, so unless rescheduled, betting closes after the 7th!

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