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Will there be another mass shooting in 2018?

Will there be another mass shooting in 2018?


24-hour cable news and legacy media outlets have done their best to glorify mass killing as a way to prop up their flagging viewer- and readership. Because of this, and not necessarily because of the actual numbers, mass shootings seem to be on the rise in the U.S. As a test of the "bet-on-anything" concept of BetMoose, I'm putting this up to see how far that concept can go. Also, in order to discourage stacking the bet on the "NO" side, I'm ending the betting period 2 weeks before Christmas day.

Decision Logic

Differing definitions exist for the term "mass shooting," so I will split the difference among a few of the various definitions. The event must involve the SHOOTING, but not necessarily DEATH, of at least 4 people, including the shooter or shooters. It must be in a public setting within the borders of the United States, involve a single event, and all the injuries or deaths must be caused by the perpetrators and not good samaritans, police officers, or other responding authorities. If these criteria are all met, then the bet will resolve as a "YES." If 2018 ends without another reported incident, then it will resolve as "NO."

1:34AM, Nov 29, 2018 UTC

6:55AM, Dec 12, 2018 UTC

7:00AM, Jan 1, 2019 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: Please do not make bets which incentivize death or destruction. That said, the prop met it's 'YES" outcome on Nov 30. prior to any 'No' wagers, thus returning the initial 2 wagers anyway.

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Avalon 11:11PM, Dec 7, 2018 UTC
Yes we would like to discourage this type of proposition on BetMoose. That said, this proposition is closed as a valid, 4-injured shooting did occur on Nov 30: at which point there were no 'No' wagers.
Mirh 7:51AM, Dec 6, 2018 UTC
Mass shootings happen several times per week. There have been 2 since this started already.
praine 9:25PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
I'm not a moderator, but you can report it if you want to, RonMexico. You gotta remember that users post bets and moderators aren't actively aware on everything people are posting.
praine 9:21PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC From Hosting, Rule 3: Please Note: Bets which can be easily swung such as, "Will this bet have volume > X?" may be cancelled as they are unfair to one side (in this example, the bettors that would be betting 'No'). In addition, bets on a person's death are not allowed.
BHenry2072 5:48PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
That's a fair point. I don't want to be seen as having provided any sort of incentive here - we'll see if any site moderators intervene
RonMexico 1:02PM, Dec 5, 2018 UTC
I honestly think this might be illegal - or at least open you guys up to legal liability. Remote chance, but still - I can't see this being good for the site if the media gets wind of it.
BHenry2072 1:35AM, Nov 29, 2018 UTC
I'm just seeing what will happen with this. If you guys think this is too much, I'll take it down. Otherwise, have at it

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