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Will Trump Concede The Election Before Dec. 31, 2020?

Will Trump Concede The Election Before Dec. 31, 2020?


It certainly appears that Joe Biden will receive the 270 votes needed to win the election. Of course, questions remain, lawsuits will probably be filed and recounts will be requested. This bet simply asks, will Trump concede the election during the calendar year of 2020? Of course, if he ends up winning, he will not concede. And if he loses, he may never concede. But it is possible that he will. If he does, a "yes" bet will win. If he does not, a "No" will win.

Decision Logic

For this bet to be decided early or as a "yes" Trump needs to appear on video saying he concedes the election or congratulating Biden on a win. Concession is defined as "the act of a losing candidate publicly yielding to a winning candidate after an election when the result of the vote has become clear." He could say something like, "It appears I've lost and will not be your next president." Or he could say, "Biden will be your next president." If he never says such thing by Dec. 31, 2020 at midnight PT. Bet resolves 'No'.

CLOSING IN2021-01-01 07:55:00

10:43PM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC

7:55AM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC

8:00PM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 11:43PM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.8109

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.81094611 was split between 29 bettors.
# of Bets:17
# of Bets:29


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Avalon 5:15PM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
In addition, it would negatively affect those that may want to "cancel out" their incorrect wager and are waiting until the last minute. Please be more careful with timelines. Outcome and deadline dates are separate for a reason.
Avalon 5:13PM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
The leeching problem is the timeline set by the host in this case (outcome too close to deadline). We cannot close this early as the time weight multiplier would shift unfavorably on existing wagers.
JeezusChrist 7:29AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
I reported it. We will see how @Avalon decides. I think betting should end and recent bets erased. And I bet a YES so it only helps me if they stay, but I see your point. Leeches will dump in the coming days even more
JeezusChrist 7:26AM, Dec 26, 2020 UTC
Yeah, I kind of agree. I don't know how far back they will go but I will ask and see.
nevertoomuch 8:13AM, Dec 24, 2020 UTC
Can betting on this market be closed earlier? The bet says until Dec31st but with the betting open until that day it attracts tons of leeches while the people that betted much earlier when the outcome was not so clear and actually risked something get cheated out of their money
vegai 7:10AM, Nov 23, 2020 UTC
I hope Trump (or anyone handling his money) isn't arranging these markets ;)
freedom 6:08AM, Nov 16, 2020 UTC
Good bet condition ha-ha or that tweet would have counted
d_d 7:54AM, Nov 6, 2020 UTC
AHamilton 8:37AM, Nov 5, 2020 UTC
Good market! This one is a coin flip... I would bet on it -- but I'd need the election ends markets to be resolved first...

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