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Biden Will Win 2020 Election

Biden Will Win 2020 Election


The Republican Party is in an increasingly untenable position — how much longer can it really refuse to recognize Joe Biden as the president-elect?

Nearly two weeks after the election, there are signs that Republicans are starting to accept reality.
President Donald Trump’s legal campaign to reverse his election loss is crumbling all around him and there’s no mathematical possibility that he can reverse margins of 10,000 or more votes in the five states he won in 2016 but lost to Biden. Meanwhile, the Biden transition is stuck in molasses, and Trump is barely addressing the coronavirus spikes across the country, let alone cooperating with the incoming administration on vaccine distribution efforts.

Decision Logic

Yes- Biden Wins
No- Trump Wins
The bet will resolve after the winner is clear beyond any reasonable doubt.

CLOSING IN2021-01-04 22:00:00

1:38AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC

10:00PM, Jan 4, 2021 UTC

6:00PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:15PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 6.257

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

6.25738527 was split between 57 bettors.
# of Bets:57
# of Bets:54


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888 7:46AM, Dec 18, 2020 UTC
@betterment "Needlessly diluted"... Sorry, that's not how the game works. This bet is far from over. And there's plenty of potentials that could lead to Trump being in the White House post inauguration, including all the way up to military tribunals for this blatant fraud the corrupt courts continue to disregard.
easton08 10:47PM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@betterment your opinion on how "reasonable" Trump's claims are is irrelevant. this is a legitimately contested election and Trump still has paths to victory. Until there are no viable paths to victory before inauguration, the bet cannot be resolved
Avalon 4:11AM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@betterment Please look at the timeline - clearly this prop was created after the general vote which means the host wished to wait until the EC vote is tallied and confirmed by Congress on Jan 6/7. The prop will stay open until then as per the host-created timeline.
betterment 1:34AM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle Thing is, there's nothing reasonable about them, just grasping for straws.
Andyzzle 1:14AM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@betterment well I disagree. You're trying to end a bet early that's still got 3 weeks left on the betting deadline. Looks like you're getting antsy. Decision logic says it'll be called after it's "clear beyond any reasonable doubt". Reasonable doubts are listed isted below.
betterment 12:37AM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle "McConnell congratulates Biden and lobbies colleagues to oppose a final-stage G.O.P. effort to overturn his victory." @Avalon
betterment 12:33AM, Dec 16, 2020 UTC
@Andyzzle, on the contrary, I'm just a bit bummed seeing this bet is getting needlessly diluted after Dec 8, or Dec 14 at the latest, but given what the decision logic states, I think this bet should have been resolved already, like other similar bets. It only makes sense to wait with to be resolved until January.
Andyzzle 11:54PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@betterment There are still lawsuits being filed, more Dominion systems just got seized and there are still pending audits in some states. Also some 7 or 8 states cast dueling electors. Pence will read them out in January, thus concluding the electoral process (as the resolve deadline states). He gets to decide whether he accepts or dismisses electors as the leader of the senate. Logic states Trump or Biden wins. The fat lady hasn't sung yet. Are you getting antsy already?
betterment 10:49PM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
I have reported this bet because "the winner is clear beyond any *reasonable* doubt." Timeline as a recap: Trump lost when it came to recounts, blocking the certification of elections, and lawsuits in numerous courts including the Supreme Court. Even his people, e.g. Attorney General William Barr admitted there was no widespread election fraud that could have changed the outcome.
praine 8:22PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
Well I assume you'll be the first one to slam the report button if Trump 'wins' that way and it is settled differently, so we'll have to see what BetMoose thinks of it in that case. By the way, I regret using the word 'extremely' in my comment. It is rather partisan, and I like to be grounded in neutrality. Anyways, we'll see what happens.
888 3:10PM, Dec 14, 2020 UTC
@praine, with the blatant disregard of the overwhelmingly damning evidence of voter fraud in the courts right now, military tribunals and/or military intervention is anything but a "extremely slim possibility". And if it takes the military to step in to expose the traitors & the fraud, Trump very much won in that scenario, no matter which way you look at it.
praine 10:07PM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
Yes, but we were talking about the extremely slim possibility of military intervention muddying the picture.
betterment 9:16PM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
"The bet will resolve after the winner is clear beyond any reasonable doubt." A reasonable person would have no doubt telling who won.
praine 10:04AM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
This is about "who wins", so if there is no decisive way to decide "who won", at best it would be a wash (no side wins).
praine 10:02AM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
Well, I guess we'll see what BetMoose thinks of it, if it ever comes to that.
888 9:04AM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
*you're Yes I'm pissed.... and typing like a demon. You American's let this pass you stupid slaves deserve the dystopian hell that will be imposed on you. That is the cost of believing lies, and tolerating this blatant fraud. There is karma for stupidity. And there is karma for letting this blatant fraud get a pass.
888 9:00AM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
*fair way *throw (And if your not pissed off by the corrupt court system, than how can you call yourself American?)
888 8:58AM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
@betterment Military intervention is NOT usurping the election. If the courts are proven corrupt, and treasonous, military tribunals, can try the traitors (including the China compromised judges). ALL of which are safeguards for what is happening now. The only far way to decide this bet is who is in the White House post inauguration. You cannot make a legit argument of "usurping" if corrupt courts through out the absolute damning evidence of fraud, and military courts had to step in.
Andyzzle 8:59AM, Dec 12, 2020 UTC
There's still lawsuits being filed in Arizona and Wisconsin agreed to hear the Trump team's case yesterday. But yeah I agree, CrazyBrazy stated that Trump does not influence the bet. If Trump "wins" by military intervention, it should still resolve as yes.
praine 8:37AM, Dec 12, 2020 UTC
Yeah, it's about who won.
betterment 8:36AM, Dec 12, 2020 UTC
Looks to me like 'yes' has won. @888 The bet is about winning not usurping the election.
cryptoman 8:23AM, Dec 12, 2020 UTC
What if aliens kidnap Trump and Biden and just to mess up things they switch their minds with sophisticated alien technology (mind upload) placing Biden's mind in Trump's body and Trump's mind in Biden's body?
888 7:44AM, Dec 12, 2020 UTC
What if the military intervenes, because the courts are proven corrupt? Technically you can say Biden won, but who will be in the White House? Trump. So how about you make it very clear... whoever is in the White House post inauguration is the winner.
atmosphere 1:01AM, Dec 8, 2020 UTC
Everyone, @CrazyBrazy is trying to be as simple as possible. The bet depends on who the winner is after all legal challenges are complete. We won't know until after the Electoral College votes ---AND--- after the Supreme Court decides on the cases that are accepted.
CrazyBrazy 3:10AM, Dec 5, 2020 UTC
Stop spamming please. I answered the question in the clearest way possible.
vegai 7:39AM, Dec 4, 2020 UTC
Cool questions, here's a few more. What if Biden personally shoots Trump in the face and calls himself Emperor? Is that a Biden win? What if Kamala does it instead? What if aliens land on Earth and reveal that Trump is a lizard? Can a lizard be president even if SCOTUS declares it so? What if Americans suddenly forget how to count over 100, and are thus unable to count the electoral votes, does Biden win by default?
CrazyBrazy 8:27PM, Dec 3, 2020 UTC
Win- Biden is the president No- Biden is not the president. DT has no effect on the outcome Simple
888 6:40PM, Dec 3, 2020 UTC
Define "win" please. Who determines the win? If the supreme court rules in Trumps favor, is that a win? If the House rules in Trumps favor on a tie, is that win? If the fraud is exposed, and Trump wins as a result is that a win? How are you determining who won? By what measure? Electoral votes? Who is in the White House post inauguration day? If NSA in joint operation with the military exposes the voter fraud if the courts fail to do so, does that mean Trump won?
vegai 3:32PM, Dec 2, 2020 UTC
Biden won the election and Biden won the count. Are you just fishing for delusional people to put more of their money into something that's clearly a losing proposition? Because if you are, more power to you.
d_d 11:37AM, Nov 30, 2020 UTC
“Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.” Anastasio Somoza (1896-1956), Guardian, 17 June 1977.

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