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Bitcoin above $800 before Jan 2017

Bitcoin above $800 before Jan 2017


The price of one Bitcoin in USD will rise above $800 before 01 January 2017.
The bet will resolve early if it passes $800 before then.

Decision Logic

If the Price rises above $800 USD at any time before January 01 2017 the bet will close as a YES. for verification
or for backup

CLOSING IN2016-12-20 23:30:00

6:23PM, Nov 20, 2016 UTC

11:30PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC

2:38PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 5:17PM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 12.54

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

12.54058134 was split between 77 bettors.
# of Bets:77
# of Bets:25


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etile 3:30AM, Dec 24, 2016 UTC
Why not payed all anonymous Yes bets?
AForceNinja 5:18PM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC
Sorry guys. I didn't realize I had to manually resolve the bet after it was closed
protus 2:01PM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC
Somebody's about to lose their commission - resolve this bet!
banjoo 7:41AM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC
come on -....
praine 2:52AM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC
@AForceNinja You there? I see you logged in an hour ago. You can resolve this now.
Avalon 8:32PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@sirlanka - we kept the 23:30 UTC timing as it is too close to call at that point for a few technical reasons: 1. Coindesk uses a price average (BPI) with data from other exchanges. If trading happens at the other exchanges and there is a 'High'/peak trade during that trading period above 800, that meets the definition of this bet, but does not mean that trade interval actually closed at 800. 2. The BPI is delayed and is only posted once data from other exchanges are aggregated.
Avalon 8:28PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@kane - as discussed in the comments below, this bet was not created by us, but by another user of BetMoose. It is impossible for us to know ahead of time what time conditions they will come up with and/or what source they will use. If you want to use the same source and same time condition each week, feel free to try your skill at the "PICKS" button in the navigation above.
sirlanka 3:11PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@kane Like I said. I used it as a time stamp. It's better to say "remove my last bet and everything after" than to say "remove everything after random users bet".
kane 2:51PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
In any case, I will know for next time that unclear decision logic is resolved according to the FAQ. However, BetMoose, it really would be easy to have the user submit a stupid 2-liner javascript and run that to stop betting...
kane 2:48PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
I find it interesting that @sirlanka has such a problem with people sniping bets while he is basically doing exactly the same thing for the $820 bet.
Zarathustra 1:29PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
I agree with @praine. betting on known outcomes is an invalid bet. Resolution Section #4 and "If the Price rises above $800 USD at any time before January 01 2017 the bet will close as a YES." is very straightforward: the bet continues till the end OR "if" then it closes when it crosses 800.
AForceNinja 1:28PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
The bet was reported when the price passed $800. Just waiting on betmoose to close the bet
praine 11:17AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@kane You have to realize that these bets are peer to peer, someone submits them, then people bet on them. You can't expect Betmoose to write code for individual bets, and the FAQ is pretty clear about betting on known outcomes if you feel like the decision logic wasn't clear enough (read what sirlanka quoted from the FAQ page).
kane 10:29AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@praine: I'm not complaining, but pointing out the fact that it is an easy thing to stop taking bets automatically ;-) Also, the FAQ actually states that the terms are to be explained in the decision logic. The decision logic above says nothing about when it should close: it will close *if* the price rises above the mark.
sirlanka 10:00AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@kane From FAQ: 4. Can a bet resolve early? Yes - please report this as “Outcome is known” and specify when you knew it (and source to verify). You should also post in the comments to let others know. We will resolve and payout these bets early. Any bets placed after the outcome was known will be cut off and refunded.
Asnoman 10:00AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
Kane is right. Betmoose should just code the early closing bets to avoid confusion. Otherwise they betting should be allowed.
praine 9:55AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@kane If you read the FAQ you would see that betting on known outcomes is an invalid bet. So you only have yourself to blame. Resolution Section #4
kane 8:29AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
To be honest, nothing in the bet description says it should close as soon as the 800 mark hits. If closing the bet as soon as that happens is desired, it would be as simple as 2 lines of python to check the ticker and close automatically, so imo you have only the host and/or the platform to blame for not closing on time...
bazmati 6:00AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
You're right it's my first time @praine. Thanks for the reassurance :-)
praine 5:27AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@bazmati Don't worry about it buddy, it may be your first time on Betmoose but they will be voided.
bazmati 5:22AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
If risk-free 'bets' like this are allowable, it's a deal breaker for BetMoose. Why bother getting a bet in early when latecomers with lots of spare coin can clean up?
Asnoman 4:20AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
I personally think that Kane's bet should be good
Asnoman 4:20AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
I personally think that Kane's bet should be good
lonewolf13 2:08AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
Will Trump end Obamacare in 2017?
minlite 1:22AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
protus 1:10AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
These last bets are hilarious! Nice try boys @monbux @Drizden
praine 12:46AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
While I'm sure Betmoose can check the seconds, it doesn't appear that you can do that on the Coinbase charts, but judging by the available data it happened sometime in 23:38 GMT. Therefore, I think all bets within this timestamp need to be refunded as this is the only data we have.
praine 12:28AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
I guess so.
AForceNinja 12:27AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
Ok thanks. We have to wait for a mod to close the bet?
praine 12:22AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC

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