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Bitcoin to top $1350 before July 2017

Bitcoin to top $1350 before July 2017


The price of one Bitcoin will rise above $1350 before July 1st 2017 as per Bitstamp.
This bet will resolve early if Bitcoin passes $1350.

Decision Logic

If resolving early, any 'YES' bets made within two weeks of the outcome will be refunded. 'NO' bets will not be refunded.
Bitstamp will be used for this bet. If at anytime before July 1st 2017 a price of $1350.01 or higher is reached this bet resolves as 'YES'.
Bitfinex will be used as an alternative should Bitstamp fail or become not fit for purpose.

CLOSING IN2017-04-17 21:00:00

5:30PM, Jan 31, 2017 UTC

9:00PM, Apr 17, 2017 UTC

8:18PM, May 1, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 8:47PM, May 1, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 7.238

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

7.23801287 was split between 66 bettors.
# of Bets:66
# of Bets:15


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none 5:52AM, May 4, 2017 UTC
Made a litecoin bet: Will litecoin surpass $50 by the end of july 31st 2017?
Guedez 4:38PM, May 3, 2017 UTC
@kolotoure77294 I will try that, hopefully it's something that can be solved quickly
kolotoure77294 3:40PM, May 3, 2017 UTC
@Guedez bets made via user accounts were paid. Not sure about anon bets but if not it's likely a cold storage reload is needed to be done. e-mail [email protected] and it may speed things up
Guedez 11:38AM, May 3, 2017 UTC
It's been a long time since I've won a bet, so I can't remember, but it usually takes this long for the payment to happen? Maybe something to do with the cold storage or something? I have checked that there was indeed a payment in 'waiting' status in the anonymous bet tracking. I am just anxious to 're-invest' the earnings on other bets. I am also worried that I might somehow messed up something and that the bitcoins might end up being lost
praine 10:20PM, May 2, 2017 UTC
@etile When you made bets in 2016, 2 weeks was a good refund period because the bitcoin price moved much slower then. Now the price moves so rapidly and unpredictably that 1 week is a more appropriate refund period.
kolotoure77294 9:40AM, May 2, 2017 UTC
@sanko you'll have to take it up with the admins... AFAIK on their system it's possible to refund all bets after X time, but it's not possible to selectively refund some and not others. Hope they are working on this feature.
sanko 5:28AM, May 2, 2017 UTC
Decision logic says: "NO bets will not be refunded." However 6:34PM, Apr 27, 2017 and 12:30AM, Apr 20, 2017 'NO' bets were refunded. Explain pls.
pelican95 12:19AM, May 2, 2017 UTC
2 weeks is clearly the best cut-off.
rss 11:15PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
Why did you refund all the bets after 4/17, the price hasn't topped $1350 yet!
kolotoure77294 8:13PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
Just waiting for admins to close it
tdeezi 7:48PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
sanko 6:41PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
>2 weeks refund period is the best refund period agree
Tamis 6:31PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
Why the delay to resolve plz ?
etile 8:16AM, May 1, 2017 UTC
2 weeks refund period is the best refund period I think. Kolotoure, thank you for this great bet!
protus 2:24AM, May 1, 2017 UTC
I think two weeks is too long as well. I think one week is plenty.
Mirh 1:49AM, May 1, 2017 UTC
All your bets are placed too late
kolotoure77294 9:39PM, Apr 30, 2017 UTC
@d_d True. In future I will only use a 1 week refund period.
kolotoure77294 9:38PM, Apr 30, 2017 UTC
@BetMoose @Avalon This happened today at 21:11 UTC... Please refunded all YES bets up to and including "Apr 17, 2017 knircky"... I will then settle the market. Thanks.
kolotoure77294 9:35PM, Apr 30, 2017 UTC
Game over.
mooseman 9:15PM, Apr 30, 2017 UTC
This just shot through the roof on bitstamp. Saw it as high as $1360, looks like it's time to resolve this bet lol.
d_d 1:39AM, Apr 29, 2017 UTC
Two weeks period is a bit too strict/unnecessary condition. 1 week would've been ideal! Let's hope that BTC goes back to 1250$ and then resumes its slow climb...
mod3rn 9:26PM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
What a great bet; price on bitstamp got to 1347 before dropping again. I'm really hoping that the price stays under 1350 as I'll make a nice amount with all the recent bidding. I did make a yes bet just to hedge.
kolotoure77294 6:55PM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
@tdeezi Why? It hasn't happened yet.
tdeezi 6:14PM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
Resolve the bet
pelican95 3:13AM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
So many bets gun be refunded
kolotoure77294 3:23PM, Apr 27, 2017 UTC
@Mirh Are you implying this already happened (it hasn't) or are you just expressing surprise that it hasn't yet? ... Anyway, it's close.
Mirh 2:40PM, Apr 27, 2017 UTC
This still hasn't resolved yet? Damn
Eirik 6:55PM, Apr 26, 2017 UTC
Getting close now, hope to see 1350 by tomorrow!
garbagebaby 5:42PM, Apr 11, 2017 UTC
Made a new limited time Trump impeachment market if anyone is interested in betting - there's over 1.3 coins in it now!
pelican95 2:33PM, Mar 31, 2017 UTC
The Senate is voting or whether or not to confirm Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS next week. Bet here: Also, bet early on the NBA championship winner to get a high multiplier!

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