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First Presidential Debate Winner

First Presidential Debate Winner


Who will win the first presidential debate?
As decided by debate polls by CBS, CNN and Gallup.
Backup polls in case CBS, CNN or Gallup don't publish are 1. Reuters, 2. Google Consumer Surveys.

Decision Logic

The winner of 'Who performed better' Polls from CBS, CNN and Gallup following the debate. Reserve polls: Reuters, Google

If the results is unanimous that will suffice. If the result is split we will consider:

Media consensus - headlines/articles or otherwise declaring who won, or who performed the best from ABC, Fox, MSNBC, NBC and TYT.

If two or more of the given media outlets declare it a tie, or if there is not a consensus on who won, this market will be void and bets refunded.

CLOSING IN2016-09-27 00:00:00

2:38PM, Sep 12, 2016 UTC

12:00AM, Sep 27, 2016 UTC

6:00AM, Sep 27, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 9:20AM, Sep 27, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 0.3699

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Clinton"

0.3699 was split between 2 bettors.
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kolotoure77294 9:19AM, Sep 27, 2016 UTC
New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, New York Daily News pundits thought Clinton won as did pundits at political newspaper The Hill. FYI Trump won a lot of unscientific 'internet polls' where anyone can go to a website and vote. Breitbart also declared Trump winner but they are far-right and have endorsed Trump. If anyone disagrees with me settling as Clinton please feel free to report the bet to delay payout and discuss here.
kolotoure77294 9:01AM, Sep 27, 2016 UTC
I am going to settle this as Clinton. Official Poll, CNN (62% Clinton, 27% Trump) it seems CBS, Gallup, Reuters and Google haven't published debate polls. The only other I can find is by Public Policy Polling which had it (51% Clinton, 40% Trump). Media consensus is that Clinton won, it's clear Fox and TYT have gone for Clinton as winning, ABC, MSNBC, NBC have not 'declared' either way they have just reported it happened.

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