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Next French President: RUNOFF

Next French President: RUNOFF


Who will win the French Election run off on the 7th May?
Will it be centrist Emmanuel Macron or populist Marine Le Pen?

Decision Logic

Who will be the next French President?
Resolved on official vote results after the second round of voting on 7th May, aka the runoff. The candidate with >50% of the vote wins.
Sources: BBC and AP

CLOSING IN2017-05-07 10:00:00

6:06PM, Apr 23, 2017 UTC

10:00AM, May 7, 2017 UTC

9:00PM, May 7, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 9:01PM, May 7, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 30.62

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Emmanuel Macron"

30.61919991 was split between 62 bettors.
Marine Le Pen
# of Bets:45
Emmanuel Macron
# of Bets:62


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sirlanka 7:17AM, May 8, 2017 UTC
@kolotoure77294 Well said
kolotoure77294 10:18PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson A little dignity would not go a miss! Spamming your fixed odds link everywhere to get more action and now calling all of them dumb people. Poor form.
praine 10:12PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
@analogue I bet on Macron as well. Was just trying to get more people to bet on Le Pen. Congrats on your win! :-)
analogue 10:06PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
"@praine Yep. Thanks for your 10 BTC." NP, 20% return in 2 days is not bad.
BenCarson 7:06PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
dumb people
pelican95 7:06PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
Like, who actually thought Le Pen had even a remote chance of winning? The first round polls were accurate within 1-2%...were the 2nd round ones really gonna be off by 25% ?
BenCarson 6:52PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
thanks for all the free money
d_d 6:28PM, May 7, 2017 UTC
Amazing outcome, thanks for playing !
kvatchik 8:49AM, May 6, 2017 UTC
You see how Marie Le pen's betters tend to be anonymous, why is that? Is it so shameful, Ha ha. Anyways thanks for all of your bitcoins.
kvatchik 8:34AM, May 6, 2017 UTC
Finally some sane ppl see the arbitrage (French word), to knock out far-right crowd here.
praine 3:50AM, May 6, 2017 UTC
Yep. Thanks for your 10 BTC.
analogue 1:54AM, May 6, 2017 UTC
Brexit, Trump, ... next is Le Pen?
BenCarson 8:37PM, May 5, 2017 UTC
Come get 300% ROI betting on Le Pen:
cover 5:49PM, May 5, 2017 UTC
Pls, be careful folks, the top Russian bookie has Le Pen at 3/1 currently. They had Trump at 4/1 the day before the US election night... I personally would never bet against Putin and his cronies.
kvatchik 9:15PM, May 4, 2017 UTC
>>>8/1 on euro betting sites,,here 2/1. quite a spread It is I guess because this is some kind of far-right site. So it be, easy money for rational Macron supporters.
none 5:59AM, May 4, 2017 UTC
Will litecoin surpass $50 by the end of July 31st 2017?:
betmoose27 3:25PM, May 3, 2017 UTC
8/1 on euro betting sites,,here 2/1. quite a spread
floyd25 11:46PM, May 1, 2017 UTC
Borat 8:27AM, Apr 29, 2017 UTC
kvatchik Haha! I guess you will see soon.
kvatchik 2:03AM, Apr 29, 2017 UTC
Yes, Borat, keep on betting on a dead horse. While any intelligent and aware person knows, she is fake Putin puppet and has no chances. Sure you have more bitcoins to give to us.
Borat 5:53PM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
kvatchik Hahaha! Thank you for your money. Le Pen will win.
kvatchik 5:01AM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
Check this out, no way she will get out of this: "Earlier this month, however, she said France was not responsible for its authorities’ rounding-up of Jews for the Nazis. Marine Le Pen recently called for banning the wearing of the kippah in public and making it illegal for French nationals to also have an Israeli passport — steps she said were necessary because of the principle of equality in order to facilitate similar limitations on Muslims."
pelican95 2:10AM, Apr 28, 2017 UTC
Interested in US politics? Bet on the special congressional election happening in Montana to replace Trump's cabinet pick: It's a Sanders-ite vs a super-rich GOP business. Should be interesting.
kvatchik 10:27PM, Apr 27, 2017 UTC
No brainer. Emmanuel Macron is a sure bet. It's already a half of bitcoin for free waiting to be picked up.

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