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Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada


The 42nd Canadian parliament is tentatively scheduled for October 19, 2015 and the next Canadian Prime Minister will be voted into office.

Decision Logic, or as deemed by public consensus in an odd case (see Jamphone's Aug 2 comment below)

CLOSING IN2015-10-20 03:45:00

6:37AM, Jul 22, 2015 UTC

3:45AM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC

3:46AM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC

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RESOLVED AT 5:44PM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC

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The outcome was "Trudeau"

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freedom 6:34AM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC
Thank you Trudeau we have no debate on this one its resolved the orange crush crashed the conservatives fell and the Second Coming of Trudeau has risen
Jamphone 3:04AM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC
Those last minute Harper bets helped the rest of us
KoldBane 2:59AM, Oct 20, 2015 UTC
Woop! Liberal majority :)
Jamphone 11:02PM, Oct 18, 2015 UTC
@freedom Ya, probably the simplest rule. We're betting on "the first to be asked to form a government and accept" regardless of how long they cling to power in a minority sense. It is just funny that Harper could be asked to form a government, but have the NDP-Liberals really "win" the election because they agree to topple Harper and rule under some arrangement.
freedom 5:48AM, Oct 15, 2015 UTC
Technically the one with the most seats is asked to form the government, with the second most forming the opposition. In this case both Trudeau and Mulcair said they would fight against any Harper led government. So most seats would likely be the best qualification although your right this has a not small chance of taking a bit of time to decide on.
Jamphone 5:26PM, Sep 22, 2015 UTC
Anyway I guess if someone lasted 6 months as PM, that's public consensus
Jamphone 2:29AM, Sep 22, 2015 UTC
But PM could be a minority for 6 months without a coalition. I would think its first person to form a government
freedom 3:06AM, Sep 12, 2015 UTC
Treat it as the effective PM if it becomes a coalition
Jamphone 1:18PM, Aug 2, 2015 UTC
Technically, a PM isn't "voted into office" so won't be able to tell us. Harper with the most seats yet only enough for a minority, but could still be asked to form a government, and become PM, briefly, before losing a confidence motion. Or a second place party could form a coalition and the GG could ask them instead. Our law is actually pretty vague as to how this is supposed to go. Its all based on unwritten "constitutional convention", but Canadian and British.

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