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Sleepy Joe President on January 21st, 2021

Sleepy Joe President on January 21st, 2021


Will Sleepy Joe, aka, Joseph Biden, be the President of these United States of America on January 21st, 2021.

Decision Logic

The logic here is easy. Will Joe Biden be President on January 21st? It resolves as yes if he is, and will resolve as no if he will not be. For example, if Sleepy dies, and Kamala Harris is installed as President, it resolves as no. Once the military tribunals begin in a few days, and Donald Trump is recognized as the true victor in the election , this bet will also resolve as a resounding No.

\Admin Edit Jan 9 18:54UTC - removed last sentence about Joe dying on the 21st. Please note this will resolve as Yes if Joe was inaugurated or is otherwise installed as President of the United States of America by 12:00am EST on Jan 21st.

CLOSING IN2021-01-20 21:00:00

11:43AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC

9:00PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

5:33PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 3:03AM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC

Offered Volume: 8.321
Backed Volume: 1.482

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

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# Bets

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Payout
11:08AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC popcsmar Yes 0.00807908 1.04x 0.00815018
1:14AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC RunIt2020 No 0.014 10.31x 0.00000000
5:20PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.017 10.25x 0.00000000
12:54PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 1.03x 0.00515000
6:24AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC freedom Yes 0.01 1.03x 0.01030000
9:26AM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.014 8.00x 0.00000000
6:56AM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02222222 10.00x 0.21555553
11:08PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.037 3.01x 0.00000000
9:48PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.0123 7.42x 0.00000000
8:35PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.0554 9.93x 0.00000000
7:46AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC dhorks Yes 0.1 1.05x 0.10185000
2:40AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC AForceNinja Yes 0.3 1.05x 0.30555000
6:21AM, Jan 15, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 7.62x 0.03695700
6:18AM, Jan 15, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 15.00x 0.07275000
10:29PM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC freedom Yes 0.005 1.04x 0.00504400
9:23PM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC dhorks Yes 0.05 1.04x 0.05044000
8:30PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.05 8.64x 0.00000000
7:52PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 10.18x 0.00000000
6:54PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC Golhoneybadger No 0.01226058 10.21x 0.00000000
9:49AM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.01 10.51x 0.00000000
10:51PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC sortino No 0.4 10.25x 0.00000000
9:43PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.13 10.25x 0.00000000
8:07PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.1 10.27x 0.00000000
4:45PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.023 16.00x 0.00000000
1:04PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC MAGAbro No 0.01610614 10.00x 0.00000000
12:59PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.014 1.07x 0.01453060
12:48PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.062 1.08x 0.00000000
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Blackspiody 6:13AM, Jan 23, 2021 UTC
I'd like to thank the people that didn't stand against the true outcome of this bet. This one was less painful than some of the other bets on this election.
Blackspiody 12:06AM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC
@PaP You were not objective, you did not present facts, you presented radical rightwing conspiracy theories that seek to delegitimize the swearing in of the current US president, Joe Biden. It's sad. Really, really sad.
cryptoman 8:54PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
I agree, let's not get personal. Please, create a few bets based on such theories and alternative truths. I'll be happy to participate and to place some money. Unfortunately I lack of fantasy, otherwise I would create them and earn commissions.
PaP 8:45PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@Blackspiody Let's not get personal... Speak to the point. This is not a bet rebuttal. We are all participants here, so I tried to be objective and presented the facts for "No" and for "Yes". Thanks for attention.
jeb_bush 8:22PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
I... THINK all these MAGAts are just trolls. I mean of course they are trolls, but I mean, I think they don't actually believe the things they write. I really hope that's the case because the alternative is a sad break from reality that they won't come back from. I guess we will wait for the Admins to resolve this. It goes without saying but... obviously Biden is president now, and it's Jan 21st.
Blackspiody 7:16PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
MAGAbro will not decide the outcome within the next 22 hours, I guarantee it. Site admin has had to step in on these bets several times over.
Blackspiody 7:10PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@PaP That is such a sad, sad attempt to deny the result of this bet. "YES" won, get over it. Step outside MAGA fantasy land and let reality in. I know you're sad Biden is president, but the facts don't care about your feelings.
PaP 7:01PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
7. National Guard troops will remain in Washington until the end of January. Thanks to all participants.
PaP 6:51PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
And now the military is in charge of restoring the rule of law and civilian government. 6. The Pentagon has blocked access by Joe Biden's new administration to critical information about current operations.
PaP 6:48PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
Biden is effectively inaugurated into a foreign entity. These provisions allow the military to take control of everything. 4. The military is now in control of the situation under the "Law of Insurrection". 5. That is why they did not send a government plane for the elected president - this was the first time in history. The military knew that he was an illegitimate president, and after he was sworn in, the government became illegal (military).
PaP 6:43PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
Hello everyone! Well, to be objective, I agree with MAGAbro, Kazanetsky. Because: 1. The inauguration is broken in time. 2. On January 20, Inauguration Day, officials from Maricopa County, Arizona, agree to an audit of election equipment. 3. Pursuant to clause 11.3, the DC was fenced off and is now treated as a foreign territory with foreign assets in accordance with the 2018 endorsement order. And this is due to foreign interference in our elections.
Blackspiody 5:27PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki Actually, if Biden had not been sworn in, we'd be speaking about president Harris or president Pelosi, at the moment. Shows how much you know about the constitution. Which is null.
cryptoman 3:15PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki . Please start a new bet about this election. Choose the terms. I will be glad and honored to place some sat.
MAGAbro 2:36PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki Exactly. That green screen wasn't foolin' anybody.
kazanecki 1:57PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
Biden was not inaugurated as per constitiution so he is not President of USA , neither is Trump. The military is now in charge ! So Joe Biden is NOT president on 21 January 2021 .
cryptoman 11:07AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@MAGAbro LOL! :-D That's what I call sense of humour!
MAGAbro 10:54AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
In the interests of fairness, I believe this resolution should be delayed for the military tribunals to begin...
cryptoman 10:41AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
Gentlemen, it was a real pleasure. I hope to find the same energy and polarization at next elections, possibly without dead people in meaningless riots. I thank Q for all the useful brainwashing that has allowed such great profits.
Blackspiody 6:59AM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC
@Carnitastaco Wow! I hadnt noticed people got 10x, 15x, and 7.62x on the yes side, lucky them! I would also like to congratulate all those who won.
Carnitastaco 6:01PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
congratulations to all, but especially to the lucky anon who got yes at 10x, 15x, and 7.62x Don't worry MAGAs, your day will come soon enough, I believe you should be able to find the deposit button again.
cryptoman 4:43PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
what a pity, I had no time to place my bet at 1.03x, funds were on the way. It will be for the next presidential elections.
cryptoman 3:48PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
@d_d yes, true. but in this very moment I would be glad to bet on YES at 1.03x
d_d 1:08PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
@cryptoman just noticed that. However if you lay a bet the fee is only 2%. So it follows that YES/NO layers have actually a small advantage in this market. In particular, YES layers can get a considerably higher return than YES backers.
cryptoman 9:13AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
1.04x minus a 3% fee, unfortunately ... with 1.03x I don't see this fee triggered, so it would be better to offer 1.03x instead.
pommy963 10:37PM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC
Will trump pardon Silk road founder ross ulbricht!!!! ??
Celerian 3:45PM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC
think you should bet some more in that case
d_d 3:35PM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC
"The most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in history". So the Democrats steal votes and openly brag about that and really think that they can get away with it ?!
d_d 3:27PM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC
wow, totally missed it... Joe Biden bragged about committing voter fraud: How on Earth he is going to be inaugurated after that!? There's no effing way!
cryptoman 2:46PM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC
Today somebody has been very lucky to catch a YES at 10x ... amazing ...
d_d 5:04AM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC
imagine if the inauguration goes the way as it was shown in 'The Day of the Jackal' (1972), or it can be easily delayed due to the riots or cancelled for medical reasons... 15x for YES might be good odds for this scenario.

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