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Will Patricia make it to CNN's 'The Year in Pictures'?

Will Patricia make it to CNN's 'The Year in Pictures'?


Will CNN include an image of Patricia McCloskey with her gun in their year-end article -- 2020: The Year in Pictures ?

Decision Logic

The article need not be named exactly as, “2020: The Year in Pictures” but it must be an article of the same essence which is a pictorial of the events of the year. If no such article appears on CNN by midnight December 31st 2020, then the bet becomes void and all bets will be refunded.

CLOSING IN2020-12-24 05:00:00

1:34PM, Jul 1, 2020 UTC

5:00AM, Dec 24, 2020 UTC

6:39AM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:52PM, Dec 28, 2020 UTC

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This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

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MooseMe 1:36AM, Dec 27, 2020 UTC
Hey guys. This bet is resolved early because the outcome is known. Scrolling across the top of CNN's '2020 The Year in Pictures' online article, there's an image of Mrs. McCloskey pointing her gun. I've notified the moderators of this. Here's the link to the article:
MooseMe 3:23PM, Dec 18, 2020 UTC
Hey guys! Everything's fine with this bet. I'm putting this Alert on it to the Moderators only because I'm trying to reach them to freeze my account because my credentials have been hacked and I haven't yet been able to reach them with the contact button. ---- I repeat -- no worry, everything's fine with this bet. And good betting to everyone!

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