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Will Trump Plead Insanity to a Crime? If so, When?

Will Trump Plead Insanity to a Crime? If so, When?


Donald Trump’s behavior and tweets have been getting a bit on the bizarre side prompting some to speculate that he’s preparing to make a defense of insanity to possible criminal charges. If he’s charged with a crime, or crimes, will he plead insanity?

Decision Logic

*This bet could possibly resolve early.
*No crime charged or a plead other than insanity to a crime – such as guilty or not guilty - resolves as ‘Not by July 4th’
*A reputable source such as NYT, NBC, or CNN will verify.

CLOSING IN2019-01-26 04:55:00

8:10AM, Dec 9, 2018 UTC

4:55AM, Jan 26, 2019 UTC

3:55AM, Jul 5, 2019 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:02PM, Jul 5, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1332

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Not by July 4th"

0.13316971 was split between 9 bettors.
Yes, by April 30th
# of Bets:1
Yes, from May 1st to July 4th
# of Bets:1
Not by July 4th
# of Bets:9


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MooseMe 12:52AM, Apr 8, 2019 UTC
Ha! Thanks! I watched it. Sadly, the skit is so true to the current reality. Insanity is a possible ticket out. Maybe he'll take it.
d_d 11:14PM, Mar 27, 2019 UTC

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