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U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020

U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2020


What will be the result of the 2020 United States presidential election?

Decision Logic

The candidate that wins 270+ Electoral College votes at the 2020 presidential election will be settled as winner. Any subsequent events will have no effect on the settlement of this market.
If no candidate wins 270+ Electoral College votes, we wait and the person chosen as President will be settled as winner.
If Trump or Biden are replaced as candidates for any reason before the election this proposition will be settled as a Republicans vs Democrats proposition.

CLOSING IN2020-11-03 12:00:00

8:19PM, Oct 4, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

12:00PM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:54PM, Dec 6, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 21.75

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Biden"

21.74740381 was split between 46 bettors.
# of Bets:93
# of Bets:46


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Pnmuk 11:49AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
What happens when trump wins on January 6 will betmoose pay again
kolotoure77294 11:42AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Don't know why you all think Trump can win now that Putin has congratulated Biden. That's it. Nothing can change now Putin has approved.
kolotoure77294 11:39AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
YES!!! Just done a successful withdrawal too!!! 2 confirmations... /s
Pnmuk 11:18AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Sorry for not understanding your reply kolo said he just saw the money does that mean betmoose payed out
red-green 11:10AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Yup the moment he concedes the donations stop coming in.
praine 11:08AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@Pnmuk I wasn't asking about BetMoose, I was asking about Betfair. Anyways, Kolo answered my question. To answer yours, BetMoose didn't.
Pnmuk 11:08AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
There is alternative electors we must wait to see who congress will recognize trump's or bidens
kolotoure77294 11:07AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Oh yes they did!! Wow I got the money now just seen!!!
kolotoure77294 11:07AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Donald Trump is using this time to raise money for himself. It's a disgusting ploy to scam his followers just like Trump University.
Pnmuk 11:05AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Did betmoose pay out
kolotoure77294 11:05AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
I'm don't mind waiting till Jan 6th. But it's so pointless because nothing will change and the terms have been met and every other bookie has paid. Its just frustrating having to wait 2 months because one side detached from reality and playing ridiculous sore loser games. When will you guys switch from hopium to copium?
kolotoure77294 11:02AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Yes the Betfair money is fully withdrawable. I just withdrew mine, had a small amount on Biden post election. They won't resettle or adjust as their terms were met.
Pnmuk 11:02AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Avalon January 7 is a indisputable day to pay out no one will be able to complain or seek compensation from then it's a few weeks away
Pnmuk 10:58AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Electoral college vote will be officially announced on January 6 there are alternate electors, media is just desperately trying to convince audience that biden win he has not pending court action doesn't mean that there's no court action
Pnmuk 10:48AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Has betmoose payed out praine?
Pnmuk 10:45AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Russia is irrelevant January 6 is the relevant day
praine 10:43AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Wasn't sure if people were able to withdraw their winnings, or if it was held in some kind of limbo state until January 7th, like Javan suggested.
Pnmuk 10:43AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Too early to call, betfair has capacity to pay trump betters when he is announced winner on January 6, can betmoose guarantee that they will pay trump voters if trump is declared winner on January 6
Pnmuk 10:42AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Court action began before electoral college voting so we must wait for that to conclude, subsequent doesn't apply because this began before and the electoral college officially counts and announced results on January 6 there are two sets of electors in the swing states
kolotoure77294 9:54AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
kolotoure77294 9:53AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@praine Betfair has paid out today/yesterday as soon as EC votes were made.
praine 9:20AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
I'd also be interested in knowing when Betfair actually pays out. Not saying it's relevant here, but it would be good info to know!
Javan 8:44AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Speculation here.. bookies that have payed out for Biden are in some trouble.. Betmoose is pretty smart..
Javan 8:37AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Again, you're missing the point.. @kolotoure77294 there are no votes until they are counted! Its really very simple. Can you confirm that betfair had payed out? I'd heard that they didn't.. I know they called ot for Biden, but I bet they won't pay out until at least January 7th
kolotoure77294 8:31AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
What bookmakers haven't already paid out for Biden? There must be one... Can't just be Betmoose.
kolotoure77294 8:30AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Putin has now congratulated Biden. That's the nail in the coffin.
kolotoure77294 8:29AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Someone already received 306 votes. The voting was yesterday. The bet doesn't say wait for the house to count them. The alternative electors are self styled, it's like me, praine and red-green claiming we are electors for alaska and voting for Biden. Completely irrelevant and ineffectual.
Javan 8:19AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
Lets do some critical thinking here.. if betmoose believes it is a possibility that neither candidate receives 270 votes doesn't that mean that the process is incomplete? I think some people are having a hard time understanding this.
Javan 8:17AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@kolotoure77294 they have also informed me that if neither candidate receives 270 (very possible) we will wait until January 20th
Javan 8:14AM, Dec 15, 2020 UTC
@red-green again I don't think you understand how the electoral process works.. nobody has any electoral votes until January 6th when the representative of the house counts them and congress approves with no objections.. read the constitution lol

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